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The Universal Music Schools beginner class is only six weeks long, but jam packed with wonderful learning experiences that will stimulate your child’s brain.  In just six short weeks, students learn to:

·  Read music!

·  Play 6-10 songs

And, they have access to a school-provided instrument they can Take Home! (a 12-bass accordion).

And That’s Not All!  Universal is offering –

a FREE Get-Acquainted lesson for the first five children who sign up this month. 

Don’t miss out! Contact Universal today!


Have you ever Considered music lessons for your child?  As a parent, we know the future of your child is a precious and wonderful gift that you give them.   So, consider this:

Music is a laboratory for learning.  Your children are your most important investment.

When a child learns to play an instrument:

·   It broadens their experience of the world

·   It supports their learning of mathematics

·   It gives them an activity away from a cell phone or gaming devices

·   It makes them happy!! And it makes others happy to hear them play!

·   It boosts their confidence

Universal is now offering an Introductory Education Program:


Our music introductory education program is for beginners.

It is a six-week assessment period of instruction for children ages 7 through 11.

Your child learns to read music and to play 6 to 10 songs in 6 weeks.

We use the easiest and most complete instrument for beginners to learn

 melody, harmony and rhythm.

The school provides the instrument to be used at home (a 12 bass piano accordion.)

Before you decide to use us, we offer one free "get acquainted" lesson given in the comfort of your home.


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